A girl

What European capital has the most ghosts?

| Ghost jokes

What European capital has the most ghosts? Boodapest!

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What fish make the best sandwich?

| Fishing jokes

What fish make the best sandwich? A peanut butter and jellyfish

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Mother: Why was the phone busy all

| Telephone jokes

Mother: Why was the phone busy all night? Babysitter: The fire department put me on hold.

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Q: How many

| Movie and TV jokes

Q: How many actors does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: 100: One to do it and ninety-nine to say "I could've done that."

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A businessman

| Travel and tourist jokes

A businessman was having a tough time lugging his lumpy, oversized travel bag onto the plane. Helped by a flight attendant, he finally managed to stuff it in the overhead bin. "Do you always carry such heavy luggage?" she sighed. "No more," the man said. "Next time, I'm riding in the bag, and

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A girl brings a guy home one night. They get into her apartment and immediately she suggests that they do “69”. “What the hell is that?” asks the guy. Realizing he’s inexperienced, she tries to explain,”I put my head between your legs and you put your head between mine.” Still not knowing what she’s talking about, but not wanting to ruin the moment he agrees to try it. The second they get in to the position, she lets go a rip-roaring fart. “What was that for?” he asks. “Oops! Sorry, lets try it again.” she says. So, they get into position again, and once more she lets one loose. The guy gets up and starts to put his coat on. “Wait, where are you going?” she asks. The guy says, ” If you think I’m sticking around for 67 more of those, you’re crazy!